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Press announcements about Firstdoor, Firstdoor Alliance Partners and HR AnswerSource.

Firstdoor Partners with ChoicePoint® for ScreenNow™.

HR AnswerSource added to ScreenNow HR information offering.

ATLANTA, GA - February 27, 2003 - Firstdoor, a leading provider of HR knowledge solutions, announces that it has partnered with ChoicePoint (NYSE: CPS) and its ScreenNow service. Under the agreement, Firstdoor will provide web-based HR content solutions to ScreenNow customers, and will participate in co-promotional sales and marketing initiatives.

"Firstdoor's innovative 'expert system' provides our clients with instant access to a wide range of HR, benefits and compliance FAQs and other information. This access allows customers to stay on top of the avalanche of government regulations facing small and medium sized businesses," said Baxter Gillespie, assistant vice president and product manager of ScreenNow. "Human resource professionals can now find all the tools they need in one place - on the Web at ScreenNow."

Firstdoor's HR AnswerSource knowledge platform will provide increased functionality to ScreenNow customers by providing contextual decision-making assistance to HR administrators and hiring managers on important HR, Benefits and Compliance issues. From procedures to company policies, best practices, and government regulations, HR AnswerSource delivers critical information, analysis and decision support tools at the time of need.

"ScreenNow and ChoicePoint is an important new relationship for Firstdoor," said Gene Schutt, chief executive officer of Firstdoor. "Helping to deliver information on complex HR and compliance issues is what we do at Firstdoor. Delivering our solution to ScreenNow's extensive customer base increases the value of the ScreenNow HR offering."

ScreenNow is designed to help employers meet pre-employment screening in a fast, cost effective, federal Fair Credit Reporting Act-compliant manner. With the addition of these new services, ScreenNow now offers employers a wide range of HR tools including applicant management and screening tools.

Firstdoor's innovative HR AnswerSource technology integrates BNA's authoritative information, best practices, trends, and model policies into a single expert system that is easy to access and navigate.

About ChoicePoint

ChoicePoint (NYSE: CPS) is the leading provider of identification and credential verification services for making smarter decisions in a world challenged by increased risks. Serving the needs of business, government, non-profit organizations and individuals, ChoicePoint works to create a safer and more secure society through the responsible use of information while ensuring the protection of personal privacy. For more information, visit the company's Web site at or the ScreenNow Web site at

About Firstdoor

Firstdoor is a leading supplier of HR and Benefits knowledge solutions. Firstdoor's unique technology integrates premium content from leading publishers, like BNA, Inc., and customer information, into a single knowledge communication system. Users gain easy access to critical information, while organizations benefits from more consistent decisions on compliance issues, resulting in reduced risks and costs. The privately held company is located in Atlanta, GA.

About BNA, Inc.

Founded in 1929, BNA is an independent publisher and the largest publisher of nonpartisan news and information in Washington, D.C. Drawing on the expertise of more than 600 editors, reporters, and domestic and international correspondents, BNA publications are recognized for their in-depth, unbiased reporting. BNA has approximately 1,600 employees and is the oldest wholly employee-owned company in the United States. For more information about BNA, see

ChoicePoint is a registered trademark and ScreenNow is a trademark of ChoicePoint Asset Company.


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