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Technology Platform: Hosted Solution

The hosted solution provides convenient access to HR AnswerSource.

Hosted Solution

Reliability and Commitment

Firstdoor understands a secure, solid and scalable system is critical to the success of our customers and partners.  AnswerSource's reliability has been proven across hundreds of organizations that rely on us to solve critical employee-related problems. 

Superior Technology

We have selected EMC, the world leader in information storage systems, as the host for AnswerSource. EMC assures both the availability and the security of the Firstdoor AnswerSource system.  Our unparalleled technology is universally web-based and allows organizations to deliver HR information to the right person whenever they need it.  The issue of privacy and security has been addressed at all levels. 


The AnswerSource system is an extremely scalable, full-featured content management and delivery solution providing a high level of performance and flexibility as load capacity increases. The multi-tier, distributed component architecture, incorporating load-balanced web farms and clustered database design, can scale to handle terabytes of data and millions of transactions per second. From application development to system maintenance, AnswerSource has been designed to scale optimally while minimizing maintenance impacts. We provide all customers with a Service Level Agreement (SLA) specifically defining performance and uptime requirements.

  • Database servers are clustered and maintained on a fiber-based storage area network. 
  • Individual application servers can be taken offline for upgrades without affecting customers, as the load is automatically redistributed to other servers in the farm.
  • Message queuing and transaction processing are used to more evenly distribute the load during peak usage.


Firstdoor and EMC, our full-service hosting provider, have implemented an effective information security protection program to minimize risk to the confidentiality, integrity and availability of our customers’ data.

Physical Security

The EMC data center is protected by state-of-the-art fire suppression, motion detectors, event monitoring, high availability technology and resumption planning processes. Firstdoor maintains "data centers within data centers" with locks at co-location spaces and security alarms. 

Hardware and Software Security

Hardened kernel versions of our application, database and operating system platforms provide enhanced protection at all levels against systems intrusion. CERT and manufacturers' advisories are continuously monitored, and operating system and application security patches are regularly applied to all servers.

Network Layer Security

Our hosting partner, EMC, provides 24x7 real-time monitoring to proactively ensure the security of the AnswerSource network. Ultra modern firewall technology and access control via router and VPN (Virtual Private Network) technology provides a strong perimeter network around the AnswerSource platform. 

Data Security

Online storage of all user data and content is secure because the database has been designed with a focus on security to ensure only authorized users gain access to sensitive information.

Backup and Recovery

Backup and recovery systems are securely in place because we know redundancy is the key to data recovery. Your data is protected with real-time transaction logging, disk mirroring and daily backups to both disk and high-speed tape.

Proven Security and Management Practices

Firstdoor’s security policies, procedures, standards and guidelines are the cornerstone of the Firstdoor Security Program. Security policy checklists, security processes and controls are in place to ensure ongoing improvements to security practices.


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