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Firstdoor's HR AnswerSource gives you access to a comprehensive and authoritative collection of regulatory HR information when you need it.


AnswerSource provides organizations with a system to effectively communicate HR information to people who need it, when they need it. The foundation of the system is the configurable content base preloaded with HR information from premium publishers including The Bureau of National Affairs, Inc. (BNA). AnswerSource provides you with an affordable, yet highly effective means of managing and communicating HR information.

AnswerSource Helps You:

  • Find what you need when you need it.
  • Provide clients, both internal and external, with on-the-spot answers to questions.
  • Have access to consistently updated HR regulatory information.
  • Give managers tools to better manage their employees.
  • Provide consistent information in a consistent manner - resulting in consistent decisions.
  • Improve communication with Managers and Employees
  • Ensure policies are communicated and carried out appropriately

Which AnswerSource Is Right For Your Organization?

Whether you are looking for a system for an internal Human Resources department or an external service provider supporting multiple clients AnswerSource is your solution for both storing and distributing all HR Legal and Compliance information. 

AnswerSource Corporate Suite

Provides the solution for employees, managers and HR Professionals in:

  • Corporations
  • Non-Profit Organizations
  • Healthcare Organizations
  • Government Entities
AnswerSource Service Provider Suite

Supports both internal employees and external clients of:

  • Benefits Brokerage Firms
  • HR Outsourcers
  • Payroll Providers
  • Law Firms
  • Associations
  • Accounting Firms
What's New

Now Available - AnswerSource 3.2 is easier to use and offers more content management features than ever before!

Learn more about all of the new features in AnswerSource 3.2.

Benefits Broker PLUS

Benefits Broker PLUS has the in-depth information professionals need to develop, sell and administer compensation and benefits plans.

Read the details about this new module.

Learn why 80% of the Fortune 100 choose BNA.
AnswerSource Platform
Learn more about the architecture that supports AnswerSource.

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