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Corporate Suite

Companies can personalize HR AnswerSource by adding their own corporate documents, as well as link to other enterprise applications, creating a complete and unified solution for users.

AnswerSource Corporate Suite

How do you provide your employees, managers and HR professionals with the information they need to make informed and effective employee-related decisions?

AnswerSource gives you the power you need to effectively deliver the right HR information to the right person at the right time.  Integrating premium content from leading publishers, like BNA, Inc., with your own content, into a single knowledge repository, AnswerSource provides you with unparalleled HR content delivery and management. 

AnswerSource Helps You:

  • Increase productivity and service using existing employee resources
  • Develop consistency in decisions on compliance issues throughout your organization
  • Facilitate communication between employees, managers and HR professionals
  • Provide managers and employees with current HR information they need to make effective decisions
  • Reduce administrative costs by eliminating printing and updating of policy manuals and forms
  • Manage your HR information in a single software system

Core Content

The AnswerSource content repository is preloaded and kept up-to-date with premium content from BNA and made available through an Internet browser at a local computer. An employee's role within an organization determines the level of access they have to the data within the system.   

  • Employees can instantly review corporate policies and procedures.

  • Managers have access to information specifically designed to help them with employee management issues.

  • HR Professionals can view corporate and BNA content in the system, providing access to detailed legal and compliance content.
What's New

Now Available - AnswerSource 3.2 is easier to use and offers more content management features than ever before!

Learn more about all of the new features in AnswerSource 3.2.

Corporate Suite Brochure
The brochure outlines more features and benefits of the product.
Portal Integration
AnswerSource seamlessly integrates with portals and intranets.
AnswerSource Platform
Learn more about the architecture that supports AnswerSource.
Learn why 80% of the Fortune 100 choose BNA.

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