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Technology Platform: Portal Integration

Learn more about how HR AnswerSource can be integrated with your company portal.

AnswerSource Portal Integration

If you have already installed a corporate portal, you understand the power of a portal application. Portals, supplied by vendors including Plumtree, Oracle and Microsoft, organize and manage information and functionality users need to make smart, competitive business decisions. You can now add value to your investment by providing users with the HR information they need when making critical HR decisions or just performing daily tasks. 

Designed to work alongside your existing portal applications, AnswerSource portlets are ready-to-use components you can easily plug into your own portal. End users can access HR Information that supports and complements their other portal activities directly from their desktops.  Enable users to become more self-reliant, reducing your overall administrative costs. AnswerSource accommodates combining your own proprietary content with relevant, authoritative and timely external information from premier content providers, such as BNA. 

With AnswerSource Portlets you can create a complete and powerful corporate HR information system to support your existing applications and enable users to make better decisions, stay in compliance with complex government rules and gain a competitive advantage.

AnswerSource Portlet Samples

AnswerSource Search
Place the search box on any page within your portal where users need access to HR information in order to make employee-related decisions.
AnswerSource Links
AnswerSource Links can be configured to provide specific information to users. Placing AnswerSource Links on a manager self-service page about hiring could push relevant details to your users such as, ‘What questions should I not ask in an interview?'
Integrated Portal
AnswerSource is designed to work within your existing portal framework. AnswerSource Portlets share pages with other portal applications, are easy to install, and provide users with instant access to valuable information when making critical HR decisions.

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