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Service Provider Suite

HR AnswerSource helps you find answers to tough customer questions with quick access to in-depth research, legal summaries, sample documents and news and trends.

AnswerSource Service Provider Suite

When your customers call, they want answers now.  How do you provide your staff and clients with the information they need to make informed and effective employee-related decisions?

AnswerSource gives you the power you need to deliver the right HR information to the right person at the right time.  Integrating premium content from leading publishers, like BNA, Inc., with your own content, into a single knowledge repository, AnswerSource provides you with unparalleled HR content delivery and management

AnswerSource Helps You:

  • Find the right information, and the right amount, when you need it.
  • Increase consistency of decisions on compliance issues at all levels across your organization, and client companies.
  • Keep your advisors up to date, providing current and accurate legal and compliance information to clients.
  • Improve communication between your employees and your clients.
  • Reduce time spent on customer inquiries to focus on key tasks.

Client Support

As a service provider, you understand the importance of delivering superior service to your clients.  AnswerSource gives you the power to deliver valid and consistent answers to your clients' questions over the web.  

Core Content Modules

The AnswerSource system comes with premium content from BNA,  which you can seamlessly combine with your own information and integrate it into applications you share with or host for your clients.   Clients gain access to information to assist them with common inquiries, and internal staff members are provided with more in-depth details, such as legal summaries, in order to help them answer client questions more effectively.  There are three core content modules:

  • HR Professionals
    Provides access to in-depth information from BNA designed to meet their specific needs in servicing clients.
  • Benefits Professionals
    Delivers unique data to answer specific and general inquiries.
  • Clients 
    Includes general but relevant HR topics to assist them in their first line of inquiries regarding HR and benefits.
What's New

Now Available - AnswerSource 3.2 is easier to use and offers more content management features than ever before!

Learn more about all of the new features in AnswerSource 3.2.

Benefits Broker PLUS

Benefits Broker PLUS has the in-depth information professionals need to develop, sell and administer compensation and benefits plans.

Read the details about this new module.

Service Provider Suite Brochure
The brochure outlines more features and benefits of the product.
Learn why 80% of the Fortune 100 choose BNA.

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