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Technology Platform

Proven technology makes it easy and secure to use a web browser to access information.

AnswerSource Platform

The AnswerSource platform provides the solid technical foundation necessary to meet market demands. The current platform is the direct result of long-term collaboration with our customers and partners. The open architecture and flexible components have been specifically designed to meet the HR information needs of the most demanding corporate and service provider organizations.

The platform is an integrated system comprised of four component groups, all designed to work together to help customers access, build, and maintain a common HR content repository.  The flexibility of these elements facilitates integration with a variety of systems to ensure the most efficient and effective delivery of HR information to those who need it, when they need it, to make critical employee-related decisions.  

AnswerSource Delivery

AnswerSource gives you the power you need to effectively deliver HR information to people across your organization in the format they need.   AnswerSource supports a variety of delivery mechanisms.

  • Website: Deploy AnswerSource as a standalone website providing extensive configuration to the look and feel of the system.  
  • Intranet: Integrate AnswerSource into an organization's intranet or extranet.  AnswerSource supports single sign-on and data synchronization with existing systems.
  • Portal: AnswerSource supports a variety of portals including Plumtree, Oracle and Microsoft Business Portal.   A full collection of portlets are available which you can easily add to a portal application.
  • Web Service:  Receive information in an XML format via a web service and integrate into legacy applications.

AnswerSource Services

The AnswerSource Service layer manages all run-time aspects of the application.  The service fully automates content publishing; manages AnswerSource's unequaled search capabilities; and keeps usage metrics up-to-date. The substantially scalable AnswerSource service is designed to ensure even the most demanding organizations can deliver HR information to the right person whenever they need it.

AnswerSource Repository

AnswerSource provides organizations with a common content repository, which can contain core content from premium providers, such as The Bureau of National Affairs, Inc. (BNA), and an organization's own proprietary content.  Customers can create and maintain their own policies, procedures, FAQs, forms and any other content needed by users to solve employee-related issues.  The repository is continuously refreshed with premium content, eliminating the cost of keeping HR compliance content up-to-date.  

The AnswerSource repository combines user information and XML documents to dynamically generate web pages.  Users receive only the information designated for them by their employer, tailored to their own role, responsibility, geography, etc..  

AnswerSource Tools

This web-based application provides Firstdoor customers with sophisticated content management, user management and online reporting tools.  All tools have been designed with the business user in mind, and are powerful yet simple to use. AnswerSource tools help you:

Manage Content
Content managers create and publish content using a full-featured set of web-based tools in a secure area.  

Manage User Profiles
User profiles ensure that users gain access to exactly the information they need to solve problems.  

Measure Results
Near real-time reports allow you to quickly gain essential insight into the usage of the system.  

Portal Integration
AnswerSource seamlessly integrates with portals and intranets.
Hosted Solution
Firstdoor uses superior technology to support it's customers.

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