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AnswerSource 3.2 Offers Extensive New Content Management Features

Extensive New Content Management Features in AnswerSourceTM 3.2

Now With More Capabilities for Home Pages, File Uploads, Document Links and User Administration

ATLANTA - September 22, 2003 - Firstdoor, a leading developer of Human Resources (HR) communication software, announced today it has released Version 3.2 of AnswerSource, its flagship product. This new version offers additional content management tools and further simplifies both set-up and ongoing system management.

AnswerSource comes pre-populated with exceptional compliance and regulatory content from leading publishers, including BNA, The Bureau of National Affairs, Inc. Additionally, customers can easily load organization-specific content, resulting in a single repository for centrally creating, storing, researching, distributing and managing HR compliance information.

“HR professionals, who most often administer these systems, need tools that help them create and communicate HR regulatory programs to their workforce,” said Kelly Land, President of Firstdoor. “Our customers need software that is easy to use; minimizes time spent on repetitive tasks; and reduces organizational risk.”

Key features in AnswerSource 3.2 include:

  • Home Page Management: Customers can create and manage home pages, extending the ‘look and feel’ of their own website, intranet or portal. Plus, customers can control the exact content delivered to each user.
  • File Upload: Most common file types can now be uploaded into the system and displayed in their native format, including html, pdf, xls, and doc. Even audio and video files, common for staff training and education, can be uploaded into AnswerSource.
  • Administrator Roles: By designating who can create, edit and publish documents, customers can now easily manage the review and approval process for publishing information.
  • Document Display Dates: Customers can set future publishing and expiration dates to automate distributing and archiving documents. This feature is especially useful when a group of documents, such as benefits plans, need to be made available on a specific date.
AnswerSource supports the entire lifecycle of HR compliance communication, from initial research through ongoing tracking of policies and programs.
  • Research: The extensive knowledgebase, always up-to-date with the latest HR regulatory information, provides HR professionals with the research information they need to create and manage complete HR programs.
  • Develop: Using AnswerSource tools and model documents, customers can create and manage organization-specific policies, procedures, benefits programs and any other content necessary to support their HR activities across the organization.
  • Communicate: Designated employees and user groups are notified of new information in the system. End users access information via an easy to use web based interface.
  • Track: Reporting functions measure the results of communication efforts, as well as help identify hot topics within the organization.
AnswerSource supports the way organizations work today. Many companies have employees spread across multiple shifts and locations, challenging traditional communication methods,” added Land. “Our product has a strong technology foundation with outstanding base content, and these new tools will help our customers continue to improve communication with employees, reduce costs and automate routine tasks.”

About Firstdoor
Firstdoor produces and distributes AnswerSource, an HR communication solution. AnswerSource’s unique technology integrates premium content from leading publishers, including BNA, Inc., with customer information, into a single repository for centrally creating, storing, researching and distributing HR information. Users gain easy access to critical information, while organizations benefits from more consistent decisions on compliance issues, resulting in reduced risks and costs. The privately held company is located in Atlanta, GA. For more information, see the Company or Media Kit sections of our website. 

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